The Baitul Islam of Peace Village

These photos have been published elsewhere this website, which runs contrary to the point of having this photography section. But, I decided to post them again because apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they also have a funny story behind them.

I wrote a piece about Peace Village in Maple for the magazine Vaughan Today, which you can find here. My editor at the time, Dan Hoddinott (now of Today’s Vaughan), told me  the story could end up on the cover and suggested I took some nice vertical shots of the mosque to accommodate this. So I did. I was fairly satisfied with the first one below, but sadly, my editor was not, because the mosque’s minaret just so fortuitously happened to be exactly where the Vaughan Today logo usually goes.



Always eager to please, I gallantly trek back to Vaughan that evening to take some more photos of the mosque, this time with more space at the top for our designers to work their magic. Naturally, it was only a few moments before I was getting pelted by rain while shooting photos. But I think that actually worked in my favour as it contributed to the gloomy yet rich blue sky seen in the latter photos.

But my editor wouldn’t be satisfied that easily. Oh no. I would have to return to Peace Village an additional two times, for a total of five visits, so I could get a photo of a guy standing in front of the Peace Village sign (for reasons I will not elaborate on). I also got pulled over and forced into a truck by ministry of labour staff, because they thought I was taking pictures of the Spadina subway extension construction while I was actually taking pictures of the highway that never ended up getting used. They apologized upon realization of their mistake.

Oh, and the second round of shots I took to accommodate our graphic designers? Those were never published either. They ended up just plastering the VT logo over the minaret … so you can see why I published this photo. Ah, the joys of journalism.

You can now read Peace Village with full appreciation with what I went through to make it come to life. But, it was worth it.




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