Don’t Miss The Newstrain

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Newstrain, a two-day touring journalism workshop aimed towards editors, department heads and other journalism management. If you’re wondering why the only photo I have from the two days is an obscure shot of a printing press, that’s because the event took place at the Toronto Star Press Centre and I was … [Read more...]

Mochrie Gets Laughs The Lazy Way

Leaside improv comedian Colin Mochrie makes getting on stage without a script look easy. “It’s the best job for lazy people,” he said over the phone from Red Bank, New Jersey, where he’s currently touring. “You show up, the audience gives you all your ideas and you just goof around.” The Canadian funnyman, best known for his roles inWhose … [Read more...]

Why Did St. Clair Cost So Much?

How does a $65-million project turn into a $106-million project? Ask the mayor or one of the TTC’s critics, and you’ll learn the St. Clair right-of-way is a testament to the TTC’s inability to manage and deliver a project on time and on budget. After all, it is the St. Clair Disaster. Or is it? In a 2010 report commissioned by the TTC … [Read more...]

Getting On Track?

Three members of the New Democratic Party are urging residents to call their Members of Parliament to address an issue that generally falls within city jurisdiction: public transit. Beaches-East York MP Matthew Kellway hosted a mid-January public forum on a national public transit strategy featuring guests such as Beaches-East York MPP Michael … [Read more...]

NDP Could Form Ontario Government: Prue

Beaches-East York MPP Michael Prue is readying for battle this fall as he plans to seek a fourth term in office. The seasoned NDP MPP and former East York mayor said he still has much to do in politics including helping low-income residents and building transit infrastructure in the riding. “The business that I have remains unfinished,” he … [Read more...]

Montreal Canadien recognizes Toronto for building good team Hab-its

Before he played in the NHL, Mike Cammalleri remembers nights competing as a Toronto Red Wing at Chesswood Arena as the closest thing to it. “I remember that being our own little NHL,” said the 28-year-old Richmond Hill native. “I remember it being as competitive as could be. Going into Chesswood for home games on Friday nights, and the gossip … [Read more...]

Scarborough’s Road To Nowhere

At Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue, nestled in a hub of buses, trains and transfer points, there's a 28-year-old abandoned transit loop that has never had a chance to realize its potential – much like the TTC's service in Scarborough. In many ways, the unfinished project perfectly exemplifies the TTC and the Ontario government’s failed dream to … [Read more...]

Tamil’s Bitter Resolve Shines Through On Rainy Day

You’d think that if the dreary weather, pouring rain, and heavy police presence weren’t enough to deter Tamil supporters from attending today’s demonstration, then getting arrested and thrown in jail would be. Not so for Ali Mustafa. … [Read more...]

Toronto Fraud Case Linked To Spa On Danforth

A recently opened Danforth spa was forced to close after a massive police raid connected it to allegations that the spa’s furnishings were paid for with fraudulent credit cards. The Jung Spa, located at 257 Danforth Ave., opened on Feb. 8 and was raided by over 48 officers on Feb. 19. Four people now face a total of more than a hundred … [Read more...]

School Diversity Still In Early Stages, Educators Say

Despite how far we’ve progressed in creating diversity in Toronto’s education system, some say we still have a long way to go. Toronto has consistently been rated as one of the most diverse cities in the world by the United Nations. However, more can be done in our education system, according to a recently set up task force to combat … [Read more...]