From Townhomes To Towers

Intensification advocates said build the subway and development will come. And has it ever. There are currently more than 60 development applications for Sheppard Avenue being reviewed by the city. They range from daycare approvals, additions to existing office buildings and rezoning applications to permit new buildings of varying … [Read more...]

Swansea Parents Worried Over Cuts

Swansea parents are concerned recent school board cuts will jeopardize the safety of young children because half-day kindergartens will be left with no education assistants. The Toronto District School Board’s budget eliminated 430 educational assistants and while early childhood educators are mandated for the province’s new full-day … [Read more...]

Toronto Schools Spark Street Art

It was a scene to make Mayor Rob Ford wince: dozens of teens strapped with aerosol paint cans, spraying to their heart’s content, without a single power washer in sight. But instead of painting graffiti on city-owned property, the youth were creating murals — on Toronto District School Board property. The ninth annual Groove & Graffiti … [Read more...]

Awarded For Doing Their Job

Moments after finishing an interview, Forest Hill Collegiate Institute chief caretaker Darren Lewis stoops to pick up a tiny, almost indiscernible piece of shredded paper in the school’s staff room. It’s part of his job. But not all caretakers are this dedicated. Maybe that’s why Lewis and his team were recognized by the Toronto District … [Read more...]

TDSB Closes Budget Hole

After four hours of debate, the Toronto District School Board finally passed a balanced budget. Faced with closing a $109 million hole in its books, the board cut $58 million in spending including closing underperforming school cafeterias saving $600,000, reducing the operation, care and maintenance of school board buildings by $9.9 million and … [Read more...]

John Polanyi Duo Wins MedTech challenge

This is one robot that can do more than fetch your newspaper. Two students from John Polanyi Collegiate Institute won first place in the 2012 MedTech Challenge, which required them to build a robot capable of drilling through a human skull — or at least an acrylic model of one. Ben Mazor and Sebastian Mazzuca managed to build the robot — … [Read more...]

A Century of North Toronto

For North Toronto Collegiate Institute alumna Nancy Cloff Mahan, it was worth the five-and-a-half-hour flight from California to attend the school’s 100th anniversary. “I heard about it last year, and I knew it wasn’t going to be like 30 people, but more like 1,000 or 2,000 people,” she said. “And I really loved high school, so I thought, I … [Read more...]

New Cenotaph Vandalized

Less than 24 hours after the newly restored war memorial atMalvern Collegiate Institute was unveiled, it was vandalized. The cenotaph, originally created in 1922 by sculptor Emanuel Hahn, was wrapped in blue duct tape and had three letters knocked off the monument. They will cost roughly $2,000 to replace. The Malvern Memorial was built to … [Read more...]