No Casinos In Portlands, Meeting Told

Toronto-Danforth residents don’t want a casino anywhere near the Portlands, local MPP Peter Tabuns told a special community council meeting on Oct. 10. The NDP representative came out strongly against the idea of a casino in the Portlands, saying it would increase crime, cause congestion and undermine local businesses. Toronto and East York … [Read more...]

Toronto-Danforth Byelection

Here are some of my photos from the Toront0-Danforth byelection. … [Read more...]

Craig Scott Celebrates His Win

Newly minted Toronto-Danforth MP Craig Scott at least partially credits the house that Jack built for his resounding victory. “Jack Layton played a huge role, for a number of reasons ... He was a huge part of building this party, nationally and in this riding,” Scott said in a post-victory scrum. “So I stood on the shoulders of giants, and Jack … [Read more...]

Orange Crush Wins Toronto-Danforth

Jack Layton may be gone but the orange crush voters in Toronto-Danforth have on his party remains strong with NDP candidate Craig Scott easily winning Monday’s byelection. Scott received close to 60 percent of the total votes cast, beating Liberal Grant Gordonhandily, more than doubling his rival’s vote total. “It looks like the orange crush … [Read more...]

Toronto-Danforth: A Repeat Of The Orange Crush?

Byelections aren't usually the most exciting event in the world of politics, but tonight's is particularly noteworthy because it looks to replace the seat of former NDP leader/savior Jack Layton. As anyone who cares about Canadian politics will recall, the NDP had a historical showing in the last federal election, achieving a record number of seats … [Read more...]