Court Voids Etobicoke Centre Result

An Ontario judge has voided the federal election results for Etobicoke Centre due to voter irregularities, setting the stage for either a byelection or an appeal before the Supreme Court. Former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who lost to Conservative Ted Opitz by 26 votes, appealed the results claiming some individuals were allowed to vote on … [Read more...]

Ted Opitz Finally Declared The Winner

The work has just begun for Etobicoke Centre MP Ted Opitz, following a judicial recount that confirmed his win by 26 votes. “I didn’t feel right taking on tasks until it was for sure,” Opitz said in a phone interview from Ottawa. “Having said that, I’m nearly three weeks behind, so I’m really scrambling to catch up.” The final tally after the … [Read more...]