Charities Get A Break

A special category has been created for non-profit organizations to exempt them from paying huge garbage collection fees. “At the beginning, it wasn’t really thought out how much this would have an impact on charities and organizations that are trying to provide services in our city,” said Ward 19 councillor Mike Layton. Organizations that … [Read more...]

Compassion Lost?

St. John the Compassionate Mission hasn’t been receiving much compassion lately. First, the charitable organization learned a new garbage collection fee for non-profit organizations would threaten their 25-year-old free meal program because they will have to pay thousands of dollars to haul away its waste. “I have to pay to dispose of garbage … [Read more...]

Feed The People Or Pay For Garbage

After 25 years of serving meals to those in need, St. John the Compassionate Mission’s meal program could be forced to close as a result of a new garbage collection fee the city plans to levy on non-profit organizations. The new policy, adopted by city council on Nov. 29, will result in all non-residential tenants including retirement homes, … [Read more...]