First Nations Protest Bill C-45

About 200-250 First Nations members and supporters made their voices, drums and thoughts heard as they marched through Meadow Lake to Conservative MP Rob Clarke’s office to oppose federal legislation Bill C-45. The Dec. 18 Meadow Lake rally comes a week after Idle No More protests protesting the federal government’s most recent budget bill took … [Read more...]

Meadow Lake Dog Owners Have Their Day

The city is taking a second look at a bylaw that would restrict dog owners from walking certain breeds following an outcry from the public. The bylaw restricted owners from walking dangerous or high risk dogs in public, as well as specific breeds including Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers and Pitbulls. It’s encouraging news for dog advocates … [Read more...]

Wynne Runs For Leader

Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne is presenting herself as a premier who would build consensus, listen to others and present a comprehensive vision for Ontario’s future. Wynne stepped down from her post as minister of urban affairs and housing on Nov. 2 and officially launched her bid for Ontario Liberal leader on Nov. 5 at a packed Japanese … [Read more...]

Charities Get A Break

A special category has been created for non-profit organizations to exempt them from paying huge garbage collection fees. “At the beginning, it wasn’t really thought out how much this would have an impact on charities and organizations that are trying to provide services in our city,” said Ward 19 councillor Mike Layton. Organizations that … [Read more...]

Why Did St. Clair Cost So Much?

How does a $65-million project turn into a $106-million project? Ask the mayor or one of the TTC’s critics, and you’ll learn the St. Clair right-of-way is a testament to the TTC’s inability to manage and deliver a project on time and on budget. After all, it is the St. Clair Disaster. Or is it? In a 2010 report commissioned by the TTC … [Read more...]

Court Voids Etobicoke Centre Result

An Ontario judge has voided the federal election results for Etobicoke Centre due to voter irregularities, setting the stage for either a byelection or an appeal before the Supreme Court. Former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who lost to Conservative Ted Opitz by 26 votes, appealed the results claiming some individuals were allowed to vote on … [Read more...]

Improvements To Finch West Too Late?

A recent report on improving bus service on Finch has been met with mixed reactions by North York councillors, with some saying it’s too little, too late. The March document is a follow-up to a May 2011 report titled Opportunities for Improved Bus Service on Finch Avenue, which responded to a proposal by Ward 1 councillor Vincent Crisanti to … [Read more...]

Compassion Lost?

St. John the Compassionate Mission hasn’t been receiving much compassion lately. First, the charitable organization learned a new garbage collection fee for non-profit organizations would threaten their 25-year-old free meal program because they will have to pay thousands of dollars to haul away its waste. “I have to pay to dispose of garbage … [Read more...]

Toronto-Danforth Byelection

Here are some of my photos from the Toront0-Danforth byelection. … [Read more...]

Craig Scott Celebrates His Win

Newly minted Toronto-Danforth MP Craig Scott at least partially credits the house that Jack built for his resounding victory. “Jack Layton played a huge role, for a number of reasons ... He was a huge part of building this party, nationally and in this riding,” Scott said in a post-victory scrum. “So I stood on the shoulders of giants, and Jack … [Read more...]