How Can We Pay For It?

Most Torontonians agree the city could use better public transit. The real question is who will foot the bill? That question was the focal point of a packed town hall meeting in midtown Oct. 22. We’re arriving at long last at a critical, but far more intelligent moment,” said Ward 22 councillor Josh Matlow, who hosted the panel discussion on … [Read more...]

Transit Group Says TTC Failing

The road to the TTC is paved with criticism. In its first report on the state of public transit in Toronto, transit-advocacy group TTCriders slammed the TTC for what the group sees as the commission’s failures. Top of the list is that the TTC dedicates more of its fare to operating costs than any other city in North America, which the group … [Read more...]

Toronto’s Lost Transit Dreams

It’s enough to make you want to buy a car. As city council debates whether to put Light Rail Transit on Sheppard Avenue or extend the current subway line, and Queen’s Park ponders when council will make up its mind, Torontonians have been left wondering when — or if — anything will actually get built. Now industry spokespeople are saying it’s … [Read more...]