Meadow Lake Man Accuses Police of Racial Profiling

This story was originally published in the Meadow Lake Progress. Claims officer said “I know a drunk Indian when I see one” as he suffered epileptic seizure A Meadow Lake man is accusing the local RCMP of arresting and charging him with public intoxication when he claims he was actually having an epileptic seizure. Darrell Runningaround … [Read more...]

Wrangling Their Way To The Top

Shortly before I left Meadow Lake I got to have a saddle-slamming time taking photos at the Mayhem in Meadow Bull-A-Rama on June 6. The event had a packed house watching the action as mean bulls sent many hopefuls on a first-class vacation to Dirt-land. Photos by Omar Mosleh. … [Read more...]

Meadow Lake RCMP Re-open Seven-Year Arson Case

The Meadow Lake RCMP have re-opened the case file of an arson that occurred seven years ago. Bonnyville resident MaryBelle Miller had her Meadow Lake home torched on June 23, 2007. The fire left the home uninhabitable. The initial investigation ended without finding anyone guilty of the arson, which Miller believes was negligent. “We’re … [Read more...]

New Store Sells Old Collectibles

This is one shop where you won’t find just any old thing. Magee’s Antiques and Appraisals has opened shop at 301 Centre St. And specializes in old, collectible items. “We’ve got some pretty interesting items in there,” said Elton Magee, who owns the shop and runs it along with his daughter Ryla. “A lot of the stuff is stuff I’ve collected … [Read more...]

Canoe Lake Woman Receives $108,000 for Research

PhD candidate Cassandra Opikokew is hoping to find the indigenous solution to what some call the Indian problem. Opikokew, who grew up in Meadow Lake and is a member of the Canoe Lake First Nation, recently received a $108,000 research award to help her complete her dissertation, which is called ‘The Indian solution to the policy … [Read more...]

City Passes Budget

City council approved its 2013 budget on May 13, and also implemented a base tax and a new $75 levy which will go toward constructing a long-term senior care facility. The city had a total of $13,768,245 in revenue and $13,762,553 in expenses which resulted in the budget being passed with a surplus of $5,692. Despite the surplus, the city … [Read more...]

Kids of Meadow Lake

Anyone who has worked at a community newspaper knows that pictures of cute kids are the bread and butter of small town publications. As a former editor once said, "happy parents are happy readers, and happy readers make a happy editor". … [Read more...]

Home is where the heart is (literally)

I think it’s fairly safe to assume that everyone hates potholes. But did you ever stop to think that maybe potholes have feelings too? That’s what I was left wondering when I departed my house this morning and found myself staring at what I can only describe as a heart-shaped pothole. At first I wondered if I had perhaps not slept enough … [Read more...]

Car Torched on 3rd Avenue West

A Meadow Lake man is the latest victim of arson after his car was set on fire last Friday while parked in his carport. The homeowner, who lives on 3rd Avenue West but did not want his name or address published, was about to head to work shortly after 5 a.m. when he noticed something suspicious. “I smelled something and something just didn’t … [Read more...]

Twin Talents Take The Stage

Local filmmaker Jesse Ramshaw was driving back from work, smoking a cigarette, when he was struck by the idea for a movie focused on the drug trade shot in Meadow Lake. And suddenly the perfect line came to his head. “The first line that came to my head, is this man coming down some stairs, and he looks at these four men and says: ‘You’re not … [Read more...]