Kleinburg Aims To Retain Charm

A short distance from Vaughan’s super highways, megamalls and the massive roller-coasters (and parking lots) of Canada’s Wonderland sits the historic Village of Kleinburg. In addition to being one of Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhoods (According to Canadian Business magazine, in 2010 the average net worth was $2.5 million), Kleinburg’s … [Read more...]

Omar’s Adventures in Kleinburg

Pick up a July edition of Vaughan Today and you'll be transported to the historic Village of Kleinburg. And take my word for it when I say you won't regret the trip. As mentioned in the first (and until now, only) blog post I've written for Multicom Media, I consider myself an astute observer of Vaughan. I don't actually live in the city (I … [Read more...]

EDITORIAL: Act Quickly To Legalize Basement Apartments In Vaughan

This unsigned editorial originally appeared in the Feb. 18 edition of The Vaughan Citizen and is written by Omar Mosleh. Here in Vaughan, we are facing an alarming lack of affordable housing. A recent York Region study found that more than 3,400 households are waiting on housing geared toward low-income families. About 10 per cent of our … [Read more...]