Mihevc Wants Tracks Gone

Ward 21 councillor Joe Mihevc is looking to remove the city’s unused streetcar tracks in hopes it will help prevent another fatal accident. Mihevc will be presenting a motion along with Ward 19 councillor Mike Layton to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on Sept. 12 asking for city staff to come up with a plan for the city’s … [Read more...]

Casa To Become Casino?

How does Casino Loma sound? Don't bet on it just yet. It may sound farfetched, but at least one member of the public with ties to the historic castle has visions of Toronto’s second most popular attraction potentially becoming a whole lot more popular. Real estate broker Trelawny Howell, whose great uncle Sir Henry Pellatt built the castle, … [Read more...]

Why Did St. Clair Cost So Much?

How does a $65-million project turn into a $106-million project? Ask the mayor or one of the TTC’s critics, and you’ll learn the St. Clair right-of-way is a testament to the TTC’s inability to manage and deliver a project on time and on budget. After all, it is the St. Clair Disaster. Or is it? In a 2010 report commissioned by the TTC … [Read more...]

Humewood House’s 100 Years of Help

When Kelita Smith gave birth to her daughter Serenity at the age of 16, she was all but alone in the world. That’s until she found Humewood House, which is celebrating 100 years of helping young mothers find their way. “I needed somewhere to go where I could finish my education and where my daughter could go to daycare,” Smith explained. “So … [Read more...]

Tennis Club Bid Smashed

A proposal to establish a members’ club at the Cedarvale Park courts has been withdrawn after some members of the community gave the suggestion a backhand. The Cedarvale Tennis Academy and Club proposed converting the four tennis courts at Cedarvale Park into a community tennis club, which would require members to pay an $85 fee in exchange for … [Read more...]

Uncertain Fate For 2400 Bathurst St.

The future is unclear for the few remaining residents of 2400 Bathurst St. The city planning division has received an application to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a 20-storey condominium. The building, on the west side of Bathurst Street just north of Eglinton Avenue West, has 30 rental units, most of which are currently … [Read more...]

Casa Loma’s New Keepers At The Gate

Trelawny Howell sits on a lawn chair behind Toronto’s castle on the hill, decked out in a flowing beige dress with immaculately styled hair and makeup. She looks as out of place among the casually attired students and tourists as does the department store patio set against the grand backdrop of the Edwardian-era castle. The chairs, she comments, … [Read more...]

Proposed Billboard Tax Stirs Up Mixed Reactions

You see them everywhere you go. From above your favourite restaurant to the street on your way to work. You may even find one outside your window right now. Throughout the city of Toronto, billboards are an inescapable sight. But soon, a portion of the revenue these advertisements generate may go towards funding arts initiatives and city … [Read more...]