No Bull: Michael Roberts’ Story of Redemption

This story originally appeared in the April, 2011 issue of Downhome. Michael Roberts’ face is a canvas of pain. Almost his entire body is draped in ink, from faces and flames to skulls and swastikas. Individually, he says, his tattoos are meaningless. Collectively, they once offered a mask to his misery — a means of therapy for a life of … [Read more...]

Woodbridge Guitarist’s Fate Sealed With A Kiss

This story originally appeared in the Vaughan Citizen. From as early as he can remember, Steve Mastroianni recalls getting in trouble for doing what he loves most. It's not sex. It's not drugs. It's rock and roll. Mr. Mastroianni, 25, better known to his fans as VØID, is lead guitarist of The Envy. The band formed in 2009 and was recently … [Read more...]

Rising OxyContin Abuse Leaves Officials Worried

A report from Health Canada showing widespread abuse of the painkiller OxyContin has left some concerned that people do not take the drug seriously because it’s a prescription medication. The drug is an opiate derivative that is frequently prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from moderate to severe pain, but also has high rates of misuse … [Read more...]