Lucky To Be Alive

A few weeks ago I received a call from a colleague who was in a bit of a bind. She needed to get to the east end as soon as possible because she heard there was a big flood, and we were sending out Beaches South Riverdale edition, iirc, to press the same day. This colleague doesn't have a car and it would have taken her a lot longer to get there … [Read more...]

Who’s To Blame For Teen’s Death?

Two Beach parents are launching a $2-million lawsuit against the TTC and Toronto Police Service for negligence they say contributed to the death of their son in 2010. Bill Gillespie and Kathryn Wright filed the suit on May 22, alleging the bus that hit 17-year-old Alex Gillespie on Lake Shore Blvd. E. was speeding in an improper lane They … [Read more...]