Makwa Sahgaiehcan Celebrates Culture

Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, in Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, held their 15th annual powwow on May 17-19. The event celebrates Aboriginal culture and heritage, honours elders and pays homage to the Creator. The powwow attracts First Nations from all over Canada. Photos and video by Omar Mosleh. … [Read more...]

A Journey into the Heart of ‘Cree’ation

When musician Jason Chamakese plays his flute at venues across the country, he’s often asked if he has a musical background. It’s a question he never really knew how to answer. Until now. “I’d say no, but it was a discredit to my culture,” Chamakese said. “Because yeah, I do have a musical background, and it goes back thousands of … [Read more...]