Toronto Police Searching In Wake Of Year’s 46th Homicide

Homicide #46

Police investigate a homicide on Gauth Ave., near Pape and Danforth avenues. Officers arrived last night to find a man dead from multiple gunshot wounds. Photos by Omar Mosleh.

Toronto police are still looking for a suspect in this year’s 46th homicide case after gunshots rang out last night near Pape and Danforth avenues, leaving one person dead.

The police service’s 54 Division responded to a call around 7:50 p.m. from a resident reporting gunshots on Gough Avenue.  The victim, identified as Theodoros Tiku, 27, of Toronto, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Gary Taitt, a sales representative at the ReMax Realtor on Pape Ave., said when he first heard the gunshots, he was skeptical.

“First reaction, you hear two shots, and you don’t think it’s a gun,” he said. “Then you hear four more shots, and you know it’s a gun, and you’re scared.”

Taitt said after hearing the shots, he locked the doors at his workplace and warned his co-workers. He also drove home a friend who lived on Gough, who would later text him and inform him of the homicide.

“I’m sure everyone is so disheartened by what’s happened, because this is such a community,” Taitt said. “We’re all a bit shaken up by what’s happened, just because you don’t really see that kind of thing on Gough.”

Lisanne, who did not want to give away her full name or her exact address, said she lives on Gough Ave. just a few doors from where the incident occurred. She said her roommate, Gretchen, alerted her after hearing the gunshots.

“I heard her feet running towards the front window and then she came stammering down the stairs, screaming my name,” Lisanne said. “We went outside and that’s when we saw the body on the street.”

She said usually she feels safe in the neighbourhood, but the incident has made her question her safety.

46th Homicide

The shooting marked Toronto's 46th homicide this year. Investigations are still underway.

“It just sort of creates an alarming effect in the neighbourhood,” she said. “I am surprised, but then again it’s an anomaly, it’s happening everywhere in the city now, it just sort of makes you question where you really are safe.”

Lisanne said her roommate saw someone running down Gough in a hooded sweater, but is unsure.

Tony Vella of Toronto Police Services said it is too early for police to identify a suspect or motive. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact 54 Division.



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