Now Listening To: Crystal Castles – Crimewave

I’ve always wanted somewhere to post music I’m currently listening to that is a little less transient than Facebook; even if no one really cares what I’m listening to, it allows me to document where I was musically and emotionally at that point in time, so it seems like a worthwhile enough endeavour to me.

Over the course of this weekend I’ve been enjoying Crimewave by Crystal Castles, a synthpop band from my home city, Toronto. This tune is a dissident lo-fi electro glitchy tune that sounds like its from the 80s, but was actually released in 2008.

Those of you who know my musical tastes know I’m not generally into 4/4 dancefloor stuff, but this one was weird enough for me to get into.

The accompanying video is equally bizarre. There is some explicit imagery for those whom are easily offended. Enjoy.


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