Fresh on arrival in Fort Saskatchewan

It’s my first day holding down the Fort.

There’s a lot to learn.

While in the midst of familiarizing myself with the community (and my new office), it falls upon me to introduce myself as the new editor of the Fort Saskatchewan Record. It’s a role I take on with enthusiasm and appreciation.

I land here from a position in Beaumont, a community facing similar challenges to Fort Saskatchewan related to annexation, managing growth and establishing its downtown identity.

While I’m not as familiar with these issues as those who have lived and worked in the Fort for years, it is my intention to get up to speed quickly.

To me, a community newspaper is here for more than just the news. We’re here to reflect the pulse of the community, to relay its concerns and celebrate its successes. We’re here to present the human side in moments of tragedy. To hold those in positions of authority to account. And most importantly, we’re here to serve as your voice.

My initial observation of Fort Saskatchewan is that it’s a community that goes to great lengths to emphasize the importance of its history and heritage. This is encouraging, as it takes an appreciation of the past to have a vision for a brighter future.

Fort Saskatchewan has a strong identity. With the seemingly good balance of residential, commercial and industrial, it truly seems like a place where citizens can work, live and play. This makes for a stronger, more self-sustained community.

But I’ve only just scratched the surface of what makes Fort Saskatchewan special.  As I get to know the community better I hope to reveal more of those hidden gems that shine a light on what makes the community a unique place to call home.

To that end, I’ll need your assistance. I encourage you to contact me with your ideas, your concerns and your thoughts about this community. And I’m always looking for story ideas. Feel free to shoot me an email at, call me at 780-998-7070 or follow my adventures on Twitter @OmarMosleh.

I look forward to speaking with you.



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