Don’t expect much after the U.S. election

In a matter of days, what many people are calling the most important election in American history is set to take place.

Realistically, I don’t expect much to change.

In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton will win the election and preserve the corporate coup that has taken over America.

Her talk of working for the middle class and strengthening gun laws is mostly posturing. She is beholden to the powers that be in the United States, just like her predecessor Barack Obama.  Her campaign has received millions from corporate powerhouses such as JPMorgan Chase & Co, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Under Clinton, expect to see America’s imperial conquest of the world expand, further destabilization of the Middle East to benefit its only interests in the region (Saudi Arabia and Israel) as well as a widening gap of disparity between America’s rich and poor, at the expense of the middle class.

Trump, as uncouth and unstable as he may seem, is not much more dangerous than Clinton.

If he were to win, I expect he would continue his tradition of making ridiculous, inflammatory statements (although this time about world leaders) while Mike Pence runs things behind the scenes. Trump’s campaign, unlike Clinton’s, is not funded by America’s largest corporate interests. That’s why he won’t win.

Here in Canada, we’re all holding our breath to bask in the rays of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “sunny ways” and different way of politicking. Apart from his deluge of selfies, Trudeau has shown that he doesn’t differ much from his predecessor. Canadian troops continue to be stationed in Ukraine.

While Trudeau criticizes Russian President Vladimir Putin for expanding into Ukraine (he has gone so far as to call him a “bully”), he simultaneously brokers multibillion-dollar sales of armoured military vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

This is the same kingdom that turns a blind eye to slavery, treats its women as second-class citizens and executes its residents for spurious crimes such as sorcery and adultery.

We can expect Canada to march in lockstep with America’s continued military expansionism and slavery to corporate juggernauts.

As unbelievable as the presidential campaign may seem, with one candidate being accused of sexually assaulting women and the other being investigated by the FBI, it is all a distraction.

The lobbyists that hold America hostage couldn’t be happier as its citizens are fed the idea that their vote actually matters.

The United States now holds the dubious distinction of having the second highest rate of child poverty in the industrialized world, according a report by the New York Times. About 20 per cent of American children live in poor households, trailing Brazil (29.7 per cent) and followed by Greece, Hungary and Russia. Canada sits at seventh place.

Don’t expect this to change under Clinton. The polarization of America’s rich and poor will continue unfettered.

The sad part is that Canada is not far behind.


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