Fun with 1.8

Lately I've been having quite a bit of fun with a new lens I purchased. It's a 35mm 1.8G DX (fixed focal length). It's great for depth of field and shooting in low light. I'm quite pleased with it; the autofocus is fast and it takes lovely sharp images. Here are a handful of shots I took while playing with my new toy. … [Read more...]

James C. Swartz Turns Life To Art

Recently I had the opportunity to meet James C. Swartz, a very talented artist who lives in the west end of Toronto but works at Leaside Community Gardens. He graciously welcomed me into his house and lavished strawberries, butter tarts and iced water upon me, not to mention let me take a glimpse at his wonderfully eclectic body of work. James … [Read more...]

Toronto-Danforth Byelection

Here are some of my photos from the Toront0-Danforth byelection. … [Read more...]

Crema Coffee

I had nowhere else to place these lovely photos of a cappuccino, so I decided to put them here. It was quite delicious. So delicious that it inspired me to write the lede "Big things are brewing at Crema Coffee", which my editor deemed as too advertorial. Heh. But yes, if you're ever on the Danforth, I do recommend you stop by. You may even find … [Read more...]

Random Girls Dancing

No, it's not what you think. If that's what you're looking for you'll have to look a few posts down. Ha ha. These photos are totally random and mildly disturbing, but I thought they were nicely composed with pretty lighting and stuff so I uploaded them. I don't actually remember what the event was called, but my editor sent me on a fool's errand … [Read more...]


When I first learned flash photography I had a lot of fun shooting photos at clubs. I was never a fan of the generic posing nightclub shot with drinks in hand , but was able to get some rather cool snapshots of time at a few Halloween/electronic music events. Some of these are pretty out there, but I love the vibrancy, lack of restraint and general … [Read more...]

Cute Kids

Because everyone likes cute kids. Particularly editors at community newspapers who hand me my cheque. … [Read more...]

Danforth Homicide

This was the first homicide I covered while I was back at the East York Observer. Needless to say, despite the dark subject matter I quite enjoyed hanging with the cops and scrumming with the industry bigshots as a young intrepid student journalist (never a journalism student, as my first-year reporting instructor Malcolm Kelly sternly reminded … [Read more...]

The Baitul Islam of Peace Village

These photos have been published elsewhere this website, which runs contrary to the point of having this photography section. But, I decided to post them again because apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they also have a funny story behind them. I wrote a piece about Peace Village in Maple for the magazine Vaughan Today, which you can find … [Read more...]