Trump win not as scary as the forces that elected him

Back in late June, I wrote about Jason Kenney’s Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership campaign and expressed hope that he wouldn’t adopt the same kind of divisive politics we were seeing in the United States and Britain. At first glance at Kenney’s Twitter feed, the former MP appears congenial with his PC colleagues, wishing them luck with … [Read more...]

City projects could use more action, fewer studies and consultations

I read with some amusement, and absolutely no surprise, that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has joined international law firm Dentons as a consultant. If it wasn’t enough that former politicians receive generous retirement packages, they almost always have a second career lined up for them in the consulting world. To be fair, running a … [Read more...]

Don’t expect much after the U.S. election

In a matter of days, what many people are calling the most important election in American history is set to take place. Realistically, I don’t expect much to change. In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton will win the election and preserve the corporate coup that has taken over America. Her talk of working for the middle class and strengthening gun … [Read more...]

Aboriginal caricatures, costumes should be relics of the past

It’s the current year. And we still have to have this conversation. As I write, my Twitter feed is bursting with news that the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Cleveland Indians. Many people are happy about this. At the same time, many people are not so happy that a judge ruled on Oct. 17 that the name ‘Cleveland Indians’ does not illegally … [Read more...]

What someone clueless about sports can learn from the Olympics

I know a lot about a lot of different things, but sports is one area where I’m about as knowledgeable as Donald Trump on foreign policy. But I do recognize the importance of sports in building civic spirit, camaraderie, and strong work ethics and values in youth. And with the Olympics being the pinnacle of the world’s best athletes competing for … [Read more...]

Social media addiction is good for advertisers, not so good for our brains

I have so many phone chargers that don’t belong to me scattered around my apartment I’m considering opening a side business selling phone chargers. We’ve reached peak smartphone dependency: We’re at the point where many people my age find it necessary to carry a phone charger with them at all times due to their prolific phone use (although to be … [Read more...]

How will Kenney unite the right?

There was no way more fitting for Jason Kenney to officially announce the launch of his provincial tour than driving into a press conference in a Ram 1500 pick-up truck. The pick-up truck in many ways perfectly encapsulates Alberta; it’s resilient, does well in tough conditions and can haul more than its fair share of weight. Kenney said he … [Read more...]

Sask. oil spill will give ammunition to environmentalists, with good reason

It’s quite disturbing to learn that it took Husky Energy 14 hours to shut down a leaking pipeline in Saskatchewan on July 20. Reports say the pipeline spilled between 200,000 and 250,000 litres of oil (the equivalent of about two rail cars) into the North Saskatchewan River last week, leading Prince Albert and North Battleford in Saskatchewan to … [Read more...]

Regional cooperation won’t be easy, but critical for future

It takes a lot of hands to hold up the sky, and the same can be said for building sustainable communities that are interconnected and benefit from each other’s populations and infrastructure. Clearly, actually achieving this is easier in theory than in practice. The Capital Region Board (CRB) was created to guide growth in the Edmonton Region … [Read more...]

Northern Gateway decision has implications for Heartland

Ain’t nobody got time for Northern Gateway. That’s the consensus on the proposed pipeline coming from activists nationwide, who are hailing a June 30 decision by the Federal Court of Appeal to overturn the previous federal government’s approval of the project as its final nail in the coffin. But not so fast, activists. Indeed, while the court’s … [Read more...]