Provincial sales tax a good idea in light of low oil prices

It’s time to face the facts: The oil sands are no longer a safety valve for Alberta. Earlier this week, Royal Dutch Shell announced it would not invest in any new oil sands operations because of the expense of developing the projects. Most of the spending for bitumen extraction comes upfront, which is known as a “sunk cost”. Bitumen is among the … [Read more...]

Trump’s beef with NAFTA could affect ranching industry

Donald Trump’s presidency is sure to affect Canada’s economy in a big way. Or should I say, “bigly.” In particular, Alberta’s Industrial Heartland could be directly affected by President Trump’s policies, for better or for worse. Trump’s almost immediate approval to move forward with the Keystone XL Pipeline shows he’s more open-minded and … [Read more...]

OHS changes needed in light of workplace assault

It was with great dismay that I read about the assault of a 60-year-old female staff member at the Elk Island Child and Youth Ranch on Feb. 4. Obviously, no one wants to hear about a 60-year-old woman being assaulted, but the circumstances surrounding the assault are even more alarming. For one, it was reported that while the assault occurred at … [Read more...]

Initial reaction to Quebec shooting must be condemned

Remember last week when I said it can be extremely damaging when people go on social media and start spouting off about things before facts are verified? I don’t ever carry an editorial theme from one week to the next, but things are getting bad. Imagine being named by police as a suspect in a terrorist attack and having it plastered all over the … [Read more...]

Social media kangaroo courts do more harm than good

When the social media lynch mobs have their way, nobody wins. Monitoring social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, is an important part of my job. The Fort Sask Informed group is a good avenue to find story ideas, as well as to gauge the community’s interest in various topics and issues. But it can also present a distorted view of people’s … [Read more...]

Trudeau’s sunny ways giving way to cloudy days

One of the major planks of Justin Trudeau’s election campaign to be prime minister of Canada was to “restore” Canadians’ faith in the federal government due to the Stephen Harper government being secretive and untrustworthy. The Liberal Party of Canada website has a particularly cringeworthy quote from Trudeau that says “sunlight is the world’s … [Read more...]

We’re here to serve you – let us know how we can do better

Journalism is neither an art nor a science, but rather a craft. And crafting comes best with collaboration. It’s January 2017, what I see as a good opportunity for a bit of housekeeping. I try to only say this once a year, but it needs to be said: We need your ideas! And your input. The news industry is currently an interesting one to watch, … [Read more...]

Why it’s important to remember the ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Earlier this week, my Postmedia Network colleague Lorne Gunter (who typically appears on the opposite page) wrote a column with the headline ‘Christmas is for everyone, so let’s celebrate it’. Realistically, this was another way for Gunter to attack whatever the politically-correct flavour of the week is. Fair play. In his column, Gunter argues … [Read more...]

Debate on preferred pronouns reflects changing norms

It’s interesting that as Fort Saskatchewan City Council approves a universal change room for Harbour Pool, Bill C-16, or An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, makes its way through the federal House of Commons. There isn’t really a correlation between the two, but it’s topical, so here are my thoughts. The bill, … [Read more...]

Courts need to keep violent criminals from reoffending

Last week, I wrote a story about the grieving mother of Dana Turner, who was still upset over how the justice system handled the murder trial of her daughter’s killer. Wendy Yurko expressed frustration over how Turner’s killer, Mark Lindsay, was charged with second-degree murder instead of first degree, despite there being evidence that the … [Read more...]