Keep Us Post-ed

Nearly 175 years after the Upper Canada Rebellion, residents in the Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue area returned to the battle site to protest the potential sale of Canada Post Station K. On July 30, around 75 residents gathered to show what the building at Yonge Street and Montgomery Avenue means to them at a rally organized by … [Read more...]

Transit Group Says TTC Failing

The road to the TTC is paved with criticism. In its first report on the state of public transit in Toronto, transit-advocacy group TTCriders slammed the TTC for what the group sees as the commission’s failures. Top of the list is that the TTC dedicates more of its fare to operating costs than any other city in North America, which the group … [Read more...]

North York #1 In Gridlock

Why does North York have the city’s worst gridlock? For years, residents have pleaded with councillors to slam the brakes on transit gridlock in the city’s north. Now a city staff list of the top 10 most congested intersections or sections of road confirms their grievances are well placed. Of the top five most congested intersections or … [Read more...]

Provincial Voter Data Goes Missing

Elections Ontario is warning up to 2.4 million Ontarians could have their personal information released due to a recent security breach. At Elections Canada’s Birchmount Road warehouse, two USB keys with voters’ names, home addresses, dates of birth and gender went missing, said media relations officer Sophie Auclair. “They were left … [Read more...]

Cuts Could Hurt Patients, Doctors Say

Cuts to fees for medical procedures will negatively affect patient care in Ontario, warns the president of the Ontario Medical Association. After unsuccessful negotiations, the provincial government imposed cuts of $338 million in May for the fees doctors receive when they carry out medical procedures. “If they make the cuts, it’s going to be … [Read more...]

Flemingdon Park Food Bank In Crisis

The Flemingdon Community Food Bank is issuing an urgent citywide appeal to help pay off more than $20,000 in debt to keep its doors open. The food bank serves more than 3,800 families in the priority neighbourhood of Flemingdon Park and provides food to residents of nearby Thorncliffe Park. Previously, the Red Cross ran the food bank for 25 … [Read more...]

Why Did St. Clair Cost So Much?

How does a $65-million project turn into a $106-million project? Ask the mayor or one of the TTC’s critics, and you’ll learn the St. Clair right-of-way is a testament to the TTC’s inability to manage and deliver a project on time and on budget. After all, it is the St. Clair Disaster. Or is it? In a 2010 report commissioned by the TTC … [Read more...]

Sunnybrook Gets Cash For Research

The federal government has announced $6.91 million in funding for Sunnybrook Research Institute to help speed-up the development and commercialization of four treatment and monitoring systems. The investment will see Sunnybrook work with Western University [formerly the University of Western Ontario] and 19 private partners use Sunnybrook’s … [Read more...]

Court Voids Etobicoke Centre Result

An Ontario judge has voided the federal election results for Etobicoke Centre due to voter irregularities, setting the stage for either a byelection or an appeal before the Supreme Court. Former Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who lost to Conservative Ted Opitz by 26 votes, appealed the results claiming some individuals were allowed to vote on … [Read more...]

Improvements To Finch West Too Late?

A recent report on improving bus service on Finch has been met with mixed reactions by North York councillors, with some saying it’s too little, too late. The March document is a follow-up to a May 2011 report titled Opportunities for Improved Bus Service on Finch Avenue, which responded to a proposal by Ward 1 councillor Vincent Crisanti to … [Read more...]