Fort family falling through the cracks

Corrina Paul is seated in a lightly-lit living room crafting a bracelet. She is keenly focused, despite the trio of miniature hounds running in circles and yelping excitedly. As she binds the string into a black and yellow pattern, she explains how making bracelets provides her a sense of comfort, even as the strands of her own life are rapidly … [Read more...]

Tolerance doesn’t go both ways for social justice warriors

International Women’s Day was this week, and the world celebrated. That said, every day is a great opportunity to recognize how far women have come in our society, while acknowledging there’s still a long way to go. We may see the first female president of the United States. Women are increasingly getting the representation and recognition their … [Read more...]

A merry Muslim Christmas – a different perspective

It’s that time of year when people wish me Merry Christmas while smiling awkwardly and wondering if they just offended me by not wishing me Happy Holidays. The only reaction better than when I tell people I don’t celebrate Christmas is when I tell them I don’t eat bacon. For the record – I prefer Merry Christmas. There’s something about Happy … [Read more...]

More to sin tax than it seems

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. And nothing could be worse, except perhaps death by taxes. And there is no tax more related to its grim counterpart than the sin tax. We’ve already heard much weeping and gnashing of teeth over the provincial government’s plan to run Alberta’s highest deficit ever, while taking on debt to pay for capital … [Read more...]

Music power couple rise as Moon Vs Sun

For a band made up of two of Canada’s biggest stars, the duo behind Moon Vs Sun is surprisingly down to Earth. Solo artist Chantal Kreviazuk and Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida will be performing as Moon Vs Sun at the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival on Sunday night. The Juno award-winning artists, who are married, have performed in … [Read more...]

Seeking spirits in Beaumont

Greg Pocha believes the truth is out there. He's just not sure where. The paranormal investigator, who teaches ballroom and Latin dance in Beaumont when he's not chasing spirits, has been searching Alberta's nooks and crannies for signs of paranormal activity for more than 15 years. Just don't call him a ghost hunter. Rather, he seeks to … [Read more...]

A Christmas wish

Richard Grayson still has the shoes his son was wearing on the day of his life-altering accident. The Grayson family moved to Beaumont in late June of this year. Six days later, on July 4, they had their lives changed forever when their 13-year-old son Lincoln got in a severe bike accident, severely damaging his neck and spinal cord after … [Read more...]

Beaumont man defies odds to celebrate life

When Beaumont resident Joe Spaziani was first diagnosed with brain cancer on Dec. 11, 2011, the doctor told his wife there was a good chance he would not make it through treatment. They later revised their prognosis to say he had roughly 12-14 months to live. In March, Spaziani celebrated his third birthday with brain cancer. Spaziani … [Read more...]

Playing with history

Jowi Taylor spent 11 years, drove and flew hundreds of thousands of kilometres, and spent an immeasurable amount of money to build a guitar that he can’t play. And he doesn’t regret it one bit, but this is no ordinary guitar. Six String Nation, which goes by the nickname Voyageur, contains historically-significant materials from all of Canada’s … [Read more...]

Meadow Lake Man Accuses Police of Racial Profiling

This story was originally published in the Meadow Lake Progress. Claims officer said “I know a drunk Indian when I see one” as he suffered epileptic seizure A Meadow Lake man is accusing the local RCMP of arresting and charging him with public intoxication when he claims he was actually having an epileptic seizure. Darrell Runningaround … [Read more...]