Pride, prejudice and poetry: Edmonton artist explores complexities through spoken word

Brandon Wint isn’t the type of artist to see barriers — instead, he breaks through them to build bridges. As a spoken word poet who also happens to be Black and physically disabled, Wint has experienced more than his fair share of categorization. But he doesn't let labels define his journey. When he takes his words from the page to … [Read more...]

Helping hands: Long-time Edmonton volunteer on his decades of giving back

Through helping others, Neil Kennedy found the strength to save himself. Staring at the faces of homeless folk he's known over the years, Kennedy laments that the portraits on his wall were bound for the garbage bin if he didn't intervene. Kennedy was volunteering at the Bissell Centre ahead of renovations when he stumbled upon the pictures … [Read more...]

‘We’re all humans:’ Photographer highlights stories from the street

After a decade and a half working in group homes, it was photography that put Jerry Cordeiro’s life in focus. For about four years, Cordeiro has been walking Edmonton’s inner city with a camera strapped to his neck and his heart worn on his sleeve. He’s the founder of Humans of Edmonton Experience, a blog that tells the stories of … [Read more...]

Why it’s important to remember the ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Earlier this week, my Postmedia Network colleague Lorne Gunter (who typically appears on the opposite page) wrote a column with the headline ‘Christmas is for everyone, so let’s celebrate it’. Realistically, this was another way for Gunter to attack whatever the politically-correct flavour of the week is. Fair play. In his column, Gunter argues … [Read more...]

Mother of slain woman slams justice system

It wasn’t enough that Wendy Yurko lost her daughter. She was even deprived of being able to put the day her daughter was killed on her tombstone, because the exact day was never determined. Now, the mother of Dana Turner, a murder victim from Fort Saskatchewan, plans to write a book about how she believes the justice system failed her daughter. … [Read more...]

Father of man charged with murder says he warned police

The father of a local man accused of murdering an elderly Edmonton couple says he warned Fort Saskatchewan RCMP his son was a danger to himself and others a day before the incident, but was told they couldn’t do anything. “I was afraid he was going to hurt somebody or hurt himself … I called and said what if he kills someone? I said you don’t … [Read more...]

Minimum wage hike on the right track, may need tweaking

I hate being called a taxpayer. To me, the term carries with it an inherent sense of entitlement. It also makes me think of Rob Ford. I’ve always preferred the term citizen, because I refuse to allow my role in the community to be defined by how much money I fork over to the government (and what I get in return). As a citizen, I recognize that … [Read more...]

Better to ask tough questions than be politically correct

A recent discussion about my dietary preferences reminded me that I’m a member of a group that provokes strong opinions and even stronger emotions. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a Muslim in North America. I was at a television shoot in Sherwood Park for a story I was working on, eating a vegan sandwich wrap, when a cast member asked … [Read more...]

When life offers you a mixed bag of blessings

Sometimes, the universe works in strange but beautiful ways. It’s been truly inspiring to hear of all the acts of kindness and sacrifice Albertans have undertaken in the aftermath of the Fort McMurray fire. This week, I also experienced an extremely unexpected act of kindness that left me awed and astonished. Here is the story. The year was … [Read more...]

Discharged priest had prior complaint

A local priest who was the subject of a recent RCMP investigation that led to no charges was also accused of sexual assault one year ago, the Record has learned. The Record reported in its April 7 edition that Fort Saskatchewan RCMP investigated Father Ashok Mascarenhas, who served as an associate pastor at Our Lady of the Angels Roman Catholic … [Read more...]