Why it’s important to remember the ‘Christ’ in Christmas

Earlier this week, my Postmedia Network colleague Lorne Gunter (who typically appears on the opposite page) wrote a column with the headline ‘Christmas is for everyone, so let’s celebrate it’. Realistically, this was another way for Gunter to attack whatever the politically-correct flavour of the week is. Fair play. In his column, Gunter argues … [Read more...]

Debate on preferred pronouns reflects changing norms

It’s interesting that as Fort Saskatchewan City Council approves a universal change room for Harbour Pool, Bill C-16, or An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, makes its way through the federal House of Commons. There isn’t really a correlation between the two, but it’s topical, so here are my thoughts. The bill, … [Read more...]

Trump win not as scary as the forces that elected him

Back in late June, I wrote about Jason Kenney’s Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership campaign and expressed hope that he wouldn’t adopt the same kind of divisive politics we were seeing in the United States and Britain. At first glance at Kenney’s Twitter feed, the former MP appears congenial with his PC colleagues, wishing them luck with … [Read more...]

What someone clueless about sports can learn from the Olympics

I know a lot about a lot of different things, but sports is one area where I’m about as knowledgeable as Donald Trump on foreign policy. But I do recognize the importance of sports in building civic spirit, camaraderie, and strong work ethics and values in youth. And with the Olympics being the pinnacle of the world’s best athletes competing for … [Read more...]

Social media addiction is good for advertisers, not so good for our brains

I have so many phone chargers that don’t belong to me scattered around my apartment I’m considering opening a side business selling phone chargers. We’ve reached peak smartphone dependency: We’re at the point where many people my age find it necessary to carry a phone charger with them at all times due to their prolific phone use (although to be … [Read more...]

Minimum wage hike on the right track, may need tweaking

I hate being called a taxpayer. To me, the term carries with it an inherent sense of entitlement. It also makes me think of Rob Ford. I’ve always preferred the term citizen, because I refuse to allow my role in the community to be defined by how much money I fork over to the government (and what I get in return). As a citizen, I recognize that … [Read more...]

Better to ask tough questions than be politically correct

A recent discussion about my dietary preferences reminded me that I’m a member of a group that provokes strong opinions and even stronger emotions. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a Muslim in North America. I was at a television shoot in Sherwood Park for a story I was working on, eating a vegan sandwich wrap, when a cast member asked … [Read more...]

A sandwich’s cultural odyssey

One of the first things I noticed upon arriving in Edmonton was the domination of the donair. My beloved shawarma and gyros shops from the Toronto area were nowhere to be seen, instead replaced with an assortment of donair stores with a myriad of names: Best Donair, Queen Donair, Donair Station, et cetera. It was a lot to wrap my mind … [Read more...]

When life offers you a mixed bag of blessings

Sometimes, the universe works in strange but beautiful ways. It’s been truly inspiring to hear of all the acts of kindness and sacrifice Albertans have undertaken in the aftermath of the Fort McMurray fire. This week, I also experienced an extremely unexpected act of kindness that left me awed and astonished. Here is the story. The year was … [Read more...]

Tolerance doesn’t go both ways for social justice warriors

International Women’s Day was this week, and the world celebrated. That said, every day is a great opportunity to recognize how far women have come in our society, while acknowledging there’s still a long way to go. We may see the first female president of the United States. Women are increasingly getting the representation and recognition their … [Read more...]