Car Torched on 3rd Avenue West

A homeowner on 3rd Avenue West found the interior of his car completely torched last Friday. (Photo by Omar Mosleh)

A homeowner on 3rd Avenue West found the interior of his car completely torched last Friday. (Photo by Omar Mosleh)

A Meadow Lake man is the latest victim of arson after his car was set on fire last Friday while parked in his carport.

The homeowner, who lives on 3rd Avenue West but did not want his name or address published, was about to head to work shortly after 5 a.m. when he noticed something suspicious.

“I smelled something and something just didn’t look right because someone’s footprints were leading into my yard,” the homeowner said. “I saw the door open, I went and investigated, and I found the jerrycan spilt over inside. It was already burnt and the fire went out on its own because it was cold that night.”

At that point the damage was done. The interior of the homeowner’s vehicle was completely burnt and the car, an older model Jeep Grand Cherokee, is a write-off.

But it could have been worse.

“I was basically really lucky, because if that would have gone up in flames, it would have taken my carport, my camper, basically the whole house — and I was sleeping in it,” the homeowner said.

The resident called 911 immediately and police soon arrived to check for fingerprints. Meadow Lake RCMP are investigating the incident as an arson but said there are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

“There must be some kind of accelerant, but it’s not yet known what it is,” said Cpl. Natasha Szpakowski.

The homeowner estimates the fire started between 3:30 to 5:00 a.m., judging by the severity of the fire. He said he has a suspicion who it was, but does not want to speculate until the police finish their investigation.

He believes it was a random arson, as he doesn’t see any reason why someone he knows would do that.

“We’ve been in Meadow Lake for quite a few years, we’re well known in town and have no enemies,” he said. “I can’t think of anyone who would do that.”

When the homeowner examined the arson, he noticed the perpetrator left a red flashlight and spilled the jerrycan of gasoline.

“I don’t know if the guy put it out, but man was I ever freaked,” he said. “If this would have exploded, I wouldn’t have even heard it.”

It would have been an especially dangerous situation if his house caught fire.

“I just took out my smoke alarm recently because the battery died and I’ve yet to replace it,” he said. “I did replace it yesterday though.”

Meadow Lake RCMP are asking anyone with information on the arson to contact them at 306-236-2474.


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