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Fort family falling through the cracks

Corrina Paul is seated in a lightly-lit living room crafting a bracelet. She is keenly focused, despite the … [Read More]

Fort man hopes for Christmas miracle

Matt Beaudet’s wedding day is a day he’ll never forget, but not for the same reason most couples remember … [Read More]

Seeking spirits in Beaumont

Greg Pocha believes the truth is out there. He's just not sure where. The paranormal investigator, who … [Read More]

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Mother of slain woman slams justice system

It wasn’t enough that Wendy Yurko lost her daughter. She was even deprived of being able to put the day her … [Read More]

Father of man charged with murder says he warned police

The father of a local man accused of murdering an elderly Edmonton couple says he warned Fort Saskatchewan … [Read More]

Disabled woman accuses RCMP officer of assault

A Fort Saskatchewan resident alleges a local RCMP officer physically and verbally assaulted her for no reason, … [Read More]

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The High-Tech Disconnect

As he brings the flute to his lips, he is extremely focused. An elderly man, his eyebrows are thick and bushy, and the lines on his face illustrate a long life. I watch in interest as he plays. He … [Read More...]

Two-Time Cancer Survivor Has 1,001 Reasons To Be Happy

This story originally appeared in the Vaughan Citizen. At 37, Alicia Bastalla received the call that would change her life. Her surgeon had good news and bad news. The good news was that the … [Read More...]

Finding Peace In The Village

It’s 8:45 on an August night and the sidewalks of Ahmadiyya Avenue are illuminated with the vibrant colours of women and children in shalwar kameez. The unisex South-Asian cultural garb, traditionally … [Read More...]

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